Tuesday Sep 18 03:58pm

Tuesday Jun 5 06:09pm

Saturday Nov 19 08:26pm


Floyd: Wow. You are bringin’ it.
Liz: Yeah? You like that? It’s got pockets. Are into that? Ooh, what’s this? A used kleenex.
Floyd: I feel like I’m in a rap video.
Liz: Wait, let me turn on my humidifier. Yeah.
Floyd: Uh-oh.
Liz: So dry in here.
Floyd: I really don’t know how much more of this I can take. 

Sunday Oct 2 05:25pm


Liz: He just… gets me.

[Cut to Liz and Floyd eating lunch together.]
Liz: Oh, I think you got a little something.
Floyd: Here?
Liz: Other side.
Floyd: Here?
Liz: Up a little.
Floyd: Right here?
Liz: You got it.

[Cut to Liz & Floyd leaving a movie theatre.]
Floyd: Oh, that movie was a waste of time.
Liz: I thought it was moving… my bowels.
[They exchange a high five.]

[Cut to Liz’s bedroom, romantically lit with candles. They sit on the bed, playing Uno.]
Liz: Reverse, reverse, skip, skip, draw four! [She laughs triumphantly.]
Floyd: Oh, hell no! 

Tuesday Sep 27 07:51pm


Floyd: Hey, Liz Lemon.
Liz: Hey… Flower Workout Guy. What do ya got there? The old… leather pumpkin?
Floyd: [pulls ear buds out of his ears] I’m sorry, what?
Liz: I was just saying, uh, you got the old, leather pumpkin?
[Floyd doesn’t know how to respond & Liz goes to talk to some food.]

Saturday Sep 10 11:01pm

Floyd: Wow. You look great!
Liz: Do I? I’m pretty tired from playing as hard as I work.


Friday Sep 9 12:10am
“What smells so good?”“Cleveland.”
“What smells so good?”
Wednesday Sep 7 12:28am
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